Reference Articles

G.H.I. Solutions president Claudia Winkler has written compelling, technology savvy articles for several leading gaming and hospitality industry publications. Included is a sampling of articles which stand the test of time. We hope you find the content helpful – we are always interested to hear from you regarding any questions or comments you may have.

Buy, Build Customize: It’s Complicated!

Today’s current economic considerations aside, gaming and hospitality companies must continue to look for ways to work smarter, not harder. When it comes to selecting, upgrading, supporting, and implementing technology solutions, efficiency and ridding an organization of costly redundancies is critical.

Vendor management: communication, collaboration and change!

The technology landscape continues to evolve, and we must change and evolve with it. A major shift that has been evolving over the past few years is the focus on “commercially available, out of the box” solutions. Proprietary software development is being replaced by vendor-supported solutions.

Geek Speak as a second language

Sorry! I heard what you said, but I did not understand what you meant! The reality is that technology is getting more complicated, and our brains are tasked with processing gigabytes of information over limited bandwidth. So in order to keep up with technology that is changing at warp speed, you need to learn to speak “geek”.

Great Women of Gaming

The great women of gaming are architects, technology consultants, business leaders, regulators, and attorneys, to name a few. We got to know a few of the remarkable women who have met these and other challenges. They have brought value, talent, and personality to their companies, their communities, and to the entire business of gaming. Meet the women who have helped, and continue to help, make our industry what it is today.

Technically Speaking

Information technology issues: Things to consider during the design, construction, and opening process. Information technology continues to play an important and ever-increasing role in the hotel design and construction process, challenging many traditional practices and providing construction and management professionals with new technical and managerial opportunities to continue to streamline their businesses.

100 Days: The conversion of the las vegas hilton

The background to our story . . .  Caesars Entertainment Corporation (NYSE: CE) had announced on December 28th 2003 that it had entered into a definitive agreement to sell the Las Vegas Hilton to an affiliate of Colony Capital, LLC, a Los Angeles based international private investment firm, for approximately $280 million. The transaction was expected to close by the end of the second quarter of 2004 and would be subject to customary closing conditions as outlined in the purchase agreement.

So, You Want to Implement a New System?

A 12-step program for successful system selection and implementation.